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Hi, I’m Gio De Marco, a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, self-taught recording and mixing engineer.

Nowadays you don’t need a professional studio such as Abbey Road to record incredible music. It is possible to create high quality mixes, with lots of clarity and depth, while maintaining its dynamic range right from your home or bedroom studio.
But possible doesn’t mean you automatically know how to do it.

That’s why in 2015 I founded my own independent record producer, Artistic Energy Records, created for helping musicians and artists develop their art by providing them with tools and resources to do so. Back when I started -18 years ago- I didn’t have a lot of resources, equipment or knowledge, and had to go through this myself, so I’m hoping some of the things I’ve learned during these years might be useful to fellow creators.

Artistic Energy Records, independent record producer - Gio De Marco
Artistic Energy Records, music production provided by indie producer Gio De Marco.

As an independent musician, I’m constantly challenging myself, experimenting, defying the limits of the unknown, and doing things I may not have a lot of experience doing. With this recipe though, I’ve self-taught myself 100% to compose and play instruments such as piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele… as well as the foundation of recording, mixing, music production, among others. Nobody told me about it, I figured it out myself. By lots of trial and error, failing and learning. Using my ears, putting my hands to work. Good news… If I could do it, you can do it!

Artistic Energy Records’ debut release was my first solo album, “Metamorfosis” a progressive-rock concept album in 2018, which was done completely by me (Gio De Marco) almost completely in-the-box on my humble home studio. My next album, “Cyan” is actually on the process and will be the next label release.

Through these videos, I’ll try to share my own experience and the things I’ve learned so far in this amazing trip of creating and producing music on a budget and with not a lot of resources, such as bedroom studios, home studios, or on-the-go setups.

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