“Cyan” by Gio De Marco – New Rock Album 2021

Cyan by Gio De Marco Rock Album 2021

Release Date: Unreleased

Recording: La Escotilla Estudio (2019)

Mixing: Gio De Marco’s Home Studio

Label: Artistic Energy Records

Producer: Gio De Marco

Album Art created by: Gio De Marco

Mastering: Gerardo “Boya” Boyadjian


“Cyan” is Gio De Marco’s second solo album to be released by independent record producer Artistic Energy Records. It is expected to be released on March 2020.

Track listing

Track Song name Length Buy
1 Barco a la deriva 03:22 Unreleased
2 Mi Universo (Secreto) 01:41 Unreleased
3 Bichi 04:31 Unreleased
4 Lo que pudo ser 03:18 Unreleased
5 Cyan 05:38 Free Download
6 Mi estrella 05:10 Unreleased
7 En algún lugar 03:47 Unreleased
8 Peor que ayer 03:54 Unreleased
9 Ola 04:02 Unreleased
10 Tiempo 05:58 Unreleased

Recording / Mixing

Recorded and mixed between 2019/2020 at La Escotilla Studio and my home studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

All songs written, played and recorded by Gio De Marco – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards & piano.

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