SEO Consulting, Web and Digital Marketing Strategy

Gio De Marco SEO Expert
Me deploying some SEO improvements at – Circa 2014

After 10 years of working in SEO, IT, software engineering, web & mobile design/development, digital marketing… I am more than familiar with how overwhelming these aspects can be.

Many people think that because it’s possible to find free stuff on Google or YouTube about how to do these tasks, they will be able to successfully perform them. But it’s often not the case… because the lack of knowledge and experience won’t let them realize that each different scenario is unique, and therefore, what was supposed to take a couple hours, suddenly turns into days and weeks without a proper understanding of the matter.

So if you’re looking for an expert to help with any of these subjects in your projects, and take them to the next level, well… look no further!

Most people around the world hire me to help them with:

SEO & Web Analytics Consulting and Reporting

Understand how your website is performing according to your KPIs, discover improvement opportunities. Build a sustainable organic growth campaign to increase your awareness and traffic for MORE CONVERSIONS.

SEO Technical Implementations and Innovative IT ideas

It’s important to make your website healthy for search engines. Most SEOs will only work on Titles and Descriptions, while much bigger problems may be left unattended. DO NOT do this to your website! Indexation and server related SEO issues are often misunderstood and overlooked. Technical based SEO fixes and implementations will successfully build the foundation to INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC UP TO +50% in the mid term.

Online Marketing and Web Strategy

Driving a lot of traffic to your site is key, but what happens next? Are your prospects understanding your website or hitting the ‘back’ button in their browser? Is your current website’s structure the right one for your products and goals? Are all prospects from different channels landing in the same place? Improve the UX on your website to SATISFY ALL VISITORS INTERACTING WITH YOUR BRAND.

Web/Responsive/Mobile App Design and Development

How do you feel when you visit a website that is buggy, slow, awkward or incomplete? Most users won’t spend time on a poor design or performance website, and will likely never visit again. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR ONLINE IMAGE! Improve your current design for better communication, or create a new one that suits your business communications needs properly.

If you are serious about your business, consider working with a professional to take care of important aspects of your online presence.

I have collaborated to improve the organic online presence of some of the biggest companies in Latam.

Companies Gio De Marco contributed with
Some of the companies I have worked with in the last 10 years.

I’ve helped enterprises and business’ owners as a freelancer consultant for over 5 years, providing website analytics and performance reports, SEO and social media campaigns, web, UX and UI design, digital marketing strategy, landing page optimisation, CRO, UX, etc.

Gio De Marco Speaking at DigitalHouse Event
Web Analytics training for L’Oreal at DigitalHouse. 2016

I also have experience as a speaker and teacher, at coding schools and private in-company training courses for companies as well.

Last but not least, I am not alone. During these 10 years I’ve met amazing skilled people in the industry, with tons of knowledge and reputation, from whom I learned a lot. These are in my team. I have shared work with them and they have shared work with me, like a network. So if there’s something you would like to do and it’s out of my scope, I can connect YOU with the right person for the job.